Tahira Clayton

Vocalist. Song-Writer. Activist. Educator

South Africa, EP Release, and more!

Hello friends! Thank you so very much for checking in with me. The last couple of months have been crazy. Where did the first two months of 2018 go? Couldn't tell ya...

At the end of January, I traveled to South Africa as a jazz competitor in the Unisa International Voice Competition. I was honored to be 1 of 13 vocalists from around the world, and 1 of 2 American Vocalists to compete in this prestigious World federation competition. After successfully completing the three rounds of the competition and becoming a semi-finalist, I was named "Most Promising Semi Finalist" Who did not advance to the final round. I was also honored to be acknowledged as an audience favorite. 

The trip to South Africa was breathtaking. When I had breaks in my rigorous performance and rehearsal schedule, I taught masterclasses at Southdowns College in Pretoria. Performing and interacting with these students was beyond inspiring. During the master classes, we talked about my life as a vocalist singing mostly jazz. We talked about the blues and we did some improvisation. I also taught them the hook to one of my original songs, "First Child," and I am still having a hard time putting into words what it felt like to hear all of those little voices singing my music back to me. I loved getting to sing and then discuss with all of the groups of kids, but especially the older ones. Such thoughtful questions and great discussion about life, music, determination, and perseverance. Truly an honor to be put in front of them all. Never have I experienced such a grand outpouring of love and appreciation from an audience who had no idea who I was before being put in front of them.

Plans are being made for my return to South Africa in early 2019, please stay posted for details! 

Upon returning back to the states at the beginning of February, I hit the ground running with a concert at the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center in New York City with AMP Trio through our partnership with the DC Jazz Festival. This performance we astounding. A beautiful audience, wonderful support, and a great re-introduction to the American Jazz scene. We premiered music for our newest project coming out March 5th. A review of our performance can be found here. 

AMP Trio and I are set to release our newest project on March 5th. This experience of new music, videos, interviews, and more will only be available to people who sign up on our mailing list. We are so looking forward to interacting with you in this new and personalized way! Sign up for the experience our mailing list here

After taking some time away from album production to prepare for my trip to South Africa, I have a new reworked timeline for the "Wait, Till Now" project. All of the songs are completely FINISHED. Now "all" that is left is recoding and post production. Click here to find the new updated timeline and continue to track my progress towards this latest project! 

Please check out my gigs paged to stay updated on performances! I have a few exciting dates coming up and would love to see you there! First up is April 15th at Minton's with Chris McBride. I'd love to see you there. 

Sending you all lots of love. See you at a show soon!