Tahira Clayton

Vocalist. Song-Writer. Activist. Educator

GoFund Me Donations Now Matched Dollar for Dollar

FAMILY! I am overwhelmingly thrilled to announce that the "Wait, Till Now" project is now being MATCHED dollar for dollar. Starting today, for every new or additional donation I receive, every dollar will be matched! For example, if you donate $5 your contribution becomes $10! If you donate $50 then your contribution becomes $100-- or anything in between, less than, or beyond!

I am so incredibly thankful to Charles Valutas, the donor who is making this incentive possible. Charles and I met in Bermuda when he hired a band I'm affiliated with to play his daughter's wedding! We met when played together for his daughter’s wedding ceremony. Charles and his family gave myself and the Broadway Project Band top notch treatment during this stellar weekend with memories to last a lifetime. The entire weekend was remarkable, but I had no idea it would lend itself to such a beautiful new partnership. Charles is a jazz pianist who spent many years playing in the United States. He has recently retired from his position on the Board of Directors for Philadelphia orchestra, but in the true musician’s way, he wants to continue to be a part of music and also support it.

Charles’ dedication to the arts and investment in my artistry is profoundly felt with his generous offer. I hope you’ll all get a chance to meet him at my album release (date TBD).  

After hitting a lag in fundraising, I am reinvigorated by this most generous and gracious incentive. I hope you can feel this excitement with me! 

We hit the studio in AUGUST! Seems far away, but I know it’ll come up quickly! Please consider making a donation to my campaign. I am ready to share with you! Thank you, ALL! And, of course, a huge thank you to Charles!