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Gigs, New Music, New Projects, Upcoming Tour, OH MY!

Hello beautiful friends! I am so happy that you took a moment to stop by my website. Lots has been going on and I’m finally taking a moment to recap. Let’s start here:


This week:

3/27 at Three’s Brewing in Gowanus, 9pm

3/30 at Visible Poetry Launch Party, Brooklyn Brewery, 9pm


My debut album is officially available EVERYWHERE! After my album release party, I sold out of physical copies in 2 days (WOW, thank you). There is a bit of a backorder on physical copies at this moment, but the album can be purchased and downloaded here or on iTunes. I also have download cards and download card STICKERS (yes, I DID say STICKERS!) available for purchase. I am over the moon thrilled with how my music is being received. I keep saying this, but all of this is truly a dream come true. The feedback I have been given is truly life affirming. Thank you for your support!


The Brown Bag Initiative is thriving and getting ready to transition into helping the homeless during the warmer months. For more information, please read more here.

I have been so very fortunate to have hit the jackpot with teaching gigs this year. I am still continuing work with the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, but I have also signed on as a teaching artist for the Bloomingdale School of Music, the Third Street Music Settlement, Music and the Arts at Trinity Wall Street. These institutions are so supportive of my personal teaching artist mission of nurturing the whole human thru caring music education and activism, and carry these values in their missions as well. I am thrilled to be able to continue building musical communities of youth, young adult, adult, and senior citizen age groups all across New York City.

On behalf of Third Street Music settlement and in partnership with the New York City Public Library, I am building a new Adult vocal program (community) at the NYCPL Thompkins campus. The idea is to learn music of course, but to also tune our energies, minds, and bodies—getting us in a space to create something beautiful together. We’re learning and growing! First rehearsal is April 12 at 12:30pm. This one is for the 50yrs+ crowd.

My Senior Citizens, “Young at Heart” Chorus in Park Slope, Brooklyn is now in regular session. Next rehearsal is March 27 at 1pm and every Wednesday following at 1pm. Location here


My blog is up and running! I’m serving life realness. I’m talking about relationships. I’m talking about feminism. I’m talking about racism. I’m talking about white fragility. I’m talking about why I write music. What gets me going, what turns me off. Literally ALL OF THE THINGS. Facebook has been a….difficult home for these conversations. I am hoping that moving these discussions to a safer place will help people feel more at ease, including myself. For access to my blog, please request here.


I’m working on a bunch of dates for the latter part of 2019 into 2020. Keep your eyes posted. I may be coming to a city near you! Stay up to date by subscribing to my email list here.

I am in a season in life where there is so much GOOD coming my way. I can only hope that I am putting some good out in the world, too. I am fortunate to live the life that I live, and I hope to be able to share as much of it as possible.

Till next time,