Tahira Clayton

Vocalist. Song-Writer. Activist. Educator

What's My Name?

Little black girl
what is your name?
Is it history? Hope? Love? Power? Queer?
Some call her Light. Some call her Queen.
Some call her Rant. Others call her Aggressor.
She’s answered to Broken. Crazy. Real.
They say her name could be Change.
Who is she? Why does she hide?
Little Black Girl,
what is your name?
What’s my name?

I Am Human

I am human
A slave to uninvited clouds of emotion
A bearer of under-developed opinions
A disciple of ignorance that is shared by all.

I am human
A warrior of justice and equality
A messenger for good in the world
A ruthless voice, content with shouting alone.

I am human
A supporter of logic and understanding
An encourager of ideas
A sponge for information. 

I am a human
A being thirsty for acceptances and love
A cluster of atoms searching for personal meaning
A speck of courage. 

I am human
A fierce protector
A tireless supporter
A boundless lover of all. 

I am human
A blind and beating heart for humanity
A desperate candle attempting to remain lit in the most brutal storm
A whisper of flesh, bone, and ideas.

I am human.